No matter the scope or size of a project, we begin each effort by engaging with our clients and those who will use the space. Our team then considers the environment and context, developing solutions that fit the site and your budget. We use our professional expertise and years of industry experience to direct and inform the design, ensuring the results stand the test of time.


When we think of some of our best memories, outdoor environments have played a key role. From wooded trails leading to stones in a slow-moving stream to vibrant playgrounds and active ballfields, these are the places that shape who we are and activate, connect and restore us.

We use our own experiences, creativity and collaborative design generation to elevate even the most unassuming spaces, enriching the lives of those who use them.


When design is thoughtful and executed correctly, the places created will forever become inspiration for users. While lines on a plan are critical for communication, we consider what each one represents - the viewsheds that will be seen or the comfort and exposure a user will experience. Sights, sounds, smells and human and natural encounters are all considered in every design we create.

Our Philosophy
why it matters

No matter the size, or scope of the project, Landworks Studio’s expert staff holds each project to the highest priority and standard. The design team’s award-winning community engagement, creativity, and combined experience will elevate your project above the ordinary and inspire your community for years to come.