Landworks Studio
our insightful team

Our team is highly creative and uses a combination of in-depth experience and excitement to help our clients achieve their vision. We lead a process that delivers high quality, purposeful, creative places that inspire people at every scale and budget.

Carisa McMullen

Carisa McMullen loves to make things happen. Armed with creativity and purpose—and a natural affinity for developing true relationships—she addresses project challenges with a “just say yes” attitude. Then, she finds the smartest and most efficient way to achieve the clients’ goals. Competitive and empathetic, she is relentless in finding the best solution. But her greatest gift is how thoroughly she becomes invested in a client’s success. When Carisa is on your side, you feel it every day.

Carisa founded Landworks Studio in 2000 with a vision for creating a place where clients could benefit from a sophisticated design approach delivered with intensely personal attention. She leads her team in developing landscape architecture that is imaginative and pragmatic, vibrant yet achievable. Clients appreciate her commitment to collaboration, her diversity of experience and her skill for making big ideas buildable.

Senior Landscape Architect
Erica Flad

Erica has 15 years of experience having worked for one of the largest multi-discipline firms in the KC area and one of the most well-respected municipalities in Kansas City.  Her experience is valued, as is her genuine smile and positive personality. She is highly skilled at managing projects, including design and production.  Erica is passionate about being a landscape architect because it allows her to explore a variety of projects and use her experience to help cities through complicated implementation processes.

Favorite Movie: Zodiac (2007)

Senior Landscape Architect
Brian Sturm

A graduate of the University of Georgia, Brian has practiced landscape architecture for nearly 16 years and has completed projects in eight states. Prior to his career in landscape architecture, Brian completed a bachelor's degree in history at the University of North Carolina and worked as an environmental educator in one of our National Parks.

Brian seeks out the stories being told by our landscapes and develops designs, which bring them boldly forward for the public to enjoy. With extensive professional experience, his work includes: parks and trail design; master planning for residential, senior living and mixed-use communities; monument design; and planting plans to meet city ordinances to gain necessary permits. While his final designs ultimately specify materials, such as pavement, pipes, and plants; it's people that are his favorite element in the landscape and inspire his work. 

Favorite Movie: Life is Beautiful (1997)

Urban Planner
Jenna Baker

Graduating from the University of Missouri - Kansas City with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning and Design, Jenna adds a valuable point-of-view to our design team. Jenna is a native of Kansas City, Missouri and has spent a lot of time with local community leaders, building her passion for inclusive public engagement and equitable planning + design.   

Before joining Landworks Studio, Jenna worked at a local graphic design firm and spent the summer of 2018 in Portland, Oregon studying sustainable design solutions for stormwater management. Her unique perspective and collaborative nature make her an asset to our team.

Favorite Movie: Contact (1997)

Landscape Designer
Joel Weikert

Joel graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture and is currently pursuing licensure. A native of West Des Moines, Iowa, Joel is passionate about conservation and enhancing people's experience of the outdoors. Joel is a positive soul with an affinity for plant materials and a strong desire to learn about many facets of landscape architecture, including stormwater management, construction materials and methods.

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump (1994)

Founded in 2000, Landworks Studio is a landscape architecture firm based in Kansas City.