Johnson County, KS

Stoneridge Park Master Plan

Client: Johnson County Park and Recreation

Category: Public Engagement/Branding, Parks + Recreation

Date: 2020

Project Features
  • Staff/Stakeholder Engagement
  • Public Art Features
  • Site/Structure Analysis
  • Survey Development/Facilitation
  • Cost Estimates
  • Phasing Recommendations

The master plan for Cedar Niles was completed prior to the purchase of the Stoneridge property. Once Stoneridge was acquired, it was critical to understand how this property could provide additional value and enhance this regional park in western Johnson County. Once the determination was made to remove all existing structures from the site, the true potential and purpose of this area became evident.  

The design team found this property was primed for the development of unique gathering places with an artistic focus. These spaces include a lawn pavilion, glamping area, overlooks for the undisturbed prairie and brook, natural playgrounds and an extensive trail network.  

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