Valley Falls, KS

Doodlebug Trail

Client: City of Valley Falls, KS Recreation Commission

Category: Public Engagement/Branding, Signage + Wayfinding, Parks + Recreation

Date: 2020

Project Features
  • Historic/Interpretive Signage
  • Community Engagement
  • Tree Inventory
  • Site Analysis
  • KDOT Coordination

The historic Doodlebug was a self-propelled engine that provided passenger travel for many in the 1920’s, connecting rural communities to larger cities like Topeka. In 2009, the Valley Falls Recreation Commission converted an abandoned rail corridor into a recreational trail and named it after the Doodlebug. Coordination with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Kansas Department of Transportation allowed the trail to be functional and minimally maintained. However, over the years, with a lack of programming and attention, it was no longer considered an asset by the community. 

To add value to the area, our plans start by connecting it to the local community and expanding its reach. Future extensions and links to existing park properties and community assets, such as a highway crossing, river overlook, sports complex and tree memorial park, allow this trail to be promoted and programmed for future community events. Our planning documents also suggest site amenities, like privacy screening, seating and ADA accessible parking spaces and included cost estimates and phasing recommendations.

This planning documents will allow the recreation commission the ability to seek grant funding and community in-kind donations to see the completion of this trail. 

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