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Date: March 6, 2018

In today’s fast-paced world, the focus is often on what’s new and trending. And, although we think it’s important to stay attuned to changes, our goal is to create timeless designs. 

“Architecture trends and styles come and go. Playground equipment and site furnishings require upgrades and replacement. But, when the design of a place makes a connection with the people who are using it, the affect is almost indescribable. That is the mark of great design,” said Carisa McMullen, principal of Landworks Studio. 

Iconic landscapes, like Central Park, stand the test of time, because the inherent design of the spaces functions well and connects with the users. Updates might be made, but the bones remain, because these places were designed for people, fostering inspiration and connection to our outdoor environment. 

With that in mind, we created new mission and vision statements, as well as a tagline, to inspire our team and clients. 

Our mission is to engage, elevate and inspire people by designing original and timeless outdoor spaces, delivering quality work to our clients and sharing the value of the landscape architecture profession.

We also feel that one of the greatest resources a company can possess is a vision. Ours is to be a sought-after design firm comprised of creatively inspired employees who are effectively working with clients to develop memorable places that can be enjoyed by all people. We also seek to be a champion for the elevation and promotion of landscape architecture in the region.

While our mission and vision guide us, you will probably see our new tagline the most. It is “Engage. Elevate. Inspire.” and speaks to our mission, vision and process. No matter the scope or size of a project, we begin each effort by engaging with our clients and those who will ultimately benefit from the project. Then, we use creativity and collaborative design generation to elevate even the most unassuming spaces, so they can become a source of inspiration for those who use them.  By engaging, elevating and inspiring others through our work, we will garner respect and appreciation for the profession of landscape architecture. 

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